Squamish Estuary Management

Squamish Terminals Limited is proud to be a member of the Squamish Estuary Management Committee (SEMC) which is responsible for administering the Squamish Estuary Management Plan (SEMP).  As with other Estuary Management Plans in BC, SEMP was commissioned by the Department of Fisheries and the Ministry of Environment to protect the estuary’s biological productivity while achieving its’ economic potential.  SEMP is somewhat unique in that a cooperative approach between the Province of British Columbia, BC Rail and the Squamish First Nation; allowed transfer of lands within the estuary which became designated areas zoned for industrial/commercial development, transportation, wildlife management, planning and assessment. These zones are delineated within SEMP. This delineation removes confusion about what types of activities are allowed and in which areas.

Further, in order to regulate activities within SEMP, there is a formal project review process administered by the Squamish Environmental Review Committee (SERC); which is comprised of regulatory authorities from the Department of Fisheries, the BC Ministry of Environment and the District of Squamish.  This process ensures any projects proposed in the estuary are reviewed within the context of SEMP and current environmental legislation.

Established in 1999, with the finalization of SEMP, SEMC membership includes stakeholders from industry, local and provincial government, First Nations and the community; and represents a balance between government and non-government members and between economic and environmental issues. Squamish Terminals offers a unique perspective to SEMC; as the terminal operation boundaries interface with the Industrial/Commercial Zone, the Wildlife Management Area, and the Transportation Corridor.

According to Jennifer McGuire, Regional Manager, Ministry of Environment and Chair of SEMC , “The Squamish Estuary Management Committee provides a forum for key stakeholders to discuss the issues affecting the SEMP area. Squamish Terminal’s participation in SEMC enhances the Committee’s balance and helps to foster further collaboration; both of which are basic tenets of the 1999 SEMP plan.” Squamish Terminals looks forward to continuing its’ involvement with SEMC and supporting the Squamish Estuary Management Plan.

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