Visiting our Operations


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Visitors to our terminal require the following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • CSA-approved boots
  • High-visibility vest

CSA-approved hard hats are required for those visiting vessels, or working or viewing operations under raised forklifts. Squamish Terminals does not typically provide PPE for use by visitors to our facility.

Visitor Policy

To visit Squamish Terminals, you must have valid access credentials – either a Port Pass or a Temporary Visitor Pass:

  • Port Passes may be obtained through sponsoring organizations.  
  • Temporary Visitor Passes are available at the Terminal with pre-approval by the Terminal and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). To obtain pre-approval, visitors must provide the Terminals with valid government-issued photo identification (typically a Passport or Driver’s License). This is required by CBSA Form C6 (Permission for Special Purposes), which must be submitted by the Terminals to the CBSA for approval prior to visitors arriving at the terminal. 

Visitors to our terminal attending to business on board a vessel must make arrangements through this vessel’s agent in advance who is responsible for submitting a written visitor list to Squamish Terminals.

Site-Specific Requirements

Squamish Terminals is an “Operating Facility” and the following Site Specific Safety and Security Requirements are mandatory for entering and working in this facility:

  1. High visibility vest.
  2. CSA-approved steel toe safety boots.
  3. Valid access permit or Port ID card displayed above the waist.
  4. Pedestrians must walk only in designated green safety walkways. Access to warehouses and work areas is limited to only those working in the area. Do not “cut between” cargo piles.
  5. Obey all posted traffic signs and traffic flow patterns.
  6. Stop at all rail crossings if blue lights are flashing (railcar switching warning system).
  7. Vehicles must be parked in designated areas only. There is general
    parking outside the gate and designated parking spots for visitors,
    office staff, ship loading and lines employees.
  8. Drugs, alcohol and smoking are not permitted (strictly enforced).
  9. No Littering on site or access roadways (strictly enforced).
  10. Site speed limit is 20km/h, warehouses 10km/h (strictly enforced).
  11. Seat belts must be worn in ALL vehicles.
  12. No Idling: Engines must not be running while vehicles are parked.
  13. In case of emergency, the Operations Superintendent(s) will notify all employees and visitors, when required, to move to the closest Muster
    station or when site evacuation is necessary. 

Site Orientation 

To ensure all visitors are aware of emergency procedures and site-specific hazards, Squamish Terminals provides site safety orientations.

Two orientations are available, the Visitor Safety Orientation and the Trucker Site Orientation, both available through our computer based training system.  Please complete on an internet based computer prior to your visit, most people complete the orientation within 20 to 30 minutes.

If you have trouble completing the orientation, contact 604-892-3511 ext. 326 for assistance.

Link to Visitor Orientation

Link to Trucker Orientation


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